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Architectural projects

We will meet with you to study how you want your house to understand what you have in mind and make a design according to your needs.

We will design your house providing our experience and solutions or options and we will discuss it with you until you see clearly and understand everything.

We will generate realistic images so that you can clearly see what your finished house will be like.

We will plan all the steps so that you know where we are going and in what time.

We will close the price of the project involving all the industrialists who will intervene in the work to obtain a real and verified price.

We will do the projects and procedures in official bodies such as professional associations, town halls, supplies to be able to build your house without you having to take care of anything.

Construction at a fixed price

When we close the project and have the building license, we will begin the execution of your house, in the time and budget previously agreed upon and according to the established plan.

While part of your house is built in an industrialized way and under control in our factory, we will be on the site preparing the land, the foundations and part of the facilities, for when the rest arrive.

Once the structure and the enclosures that have come from the factory have been placed, we can start with the finishes, which you have previously chosen in the definition of the project.

Your house will be ready very soon and you just have to watch how it grows!

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