1.- What procedures must be performed to build a house?
Procedures to be performed on the Architects’ College Association and the Council.
2.- Why is it better to hire a Project Manager?
If there is the figure of the contracted Project Manager, you can make separate estimates for each branch of the construction and achieve significant savings.
3.- Why is it better to hire a Project Manager?
In the case of building houses the architect and the PM may be the same person.
4.-What is the Project Manager duties?
The PM sets the schedule, budget and timing controls and coordinates all industrial work. At the end performs the work closure.
5.- And if there are changes while the work is in process?
It is a part of the process, and any change is usually a great cost. This is the reason why the Project mangers have become very popular in Catalonia, as they help owners overcome any problem and eliminate stress to keep costs low. Manage changes with minimal impact on the work.