Irabè Projectes sl makes new constructive interventions or in any kind of existing building.

We do a visit to your property to understand the scope of the work to be performed. We solve any work effectively from the technical side of project and construction to work properly said. We carry out the process from start to finish to take full control of its development and offer the best technical solution in time and optimum quality with a budget adjusted to your needs.

New Construction

Irabè projectes sl works with any construction system, from the traditional stone walls system (for farms, masias or rural buildings) or brickwork to industrialized most current systems.

The speed and ease of assembly of an industrialized system allows a great saving of time and costs on site. It is a sustainable system suitable for high buildings or family houses.

Family houses:

Housing design and quality, customizable and extensible based on your needs. very efficient construction system, with reduced construction time (4-5 months). Maximum energy savings, sustainable system to ensure energy rating A.


We carry out interventions in cataloged or not buildings (facades, patios, roofs, installation of elevators) perform work reinforcing structures (load-bearing walls, floors, beams), flat renovations, kitchens or bathrooms and all kinds of work in an existing building.