Rates / Our cutting-edge Technology


Outsource an architect-project manager with us. We will form a high-quality local project team to deal with any bureaucracy or issues to help speed-up the completion of your project. Take away the stress and have the comfort of knowing your project will be completed to your highest satisfaction. We calculate or rates form the total work budget and out from the resources we need. Normally it’s a 9 – 11% of the total project budget.

For this amount you will get :

  • A timetable of work closed
  • A budget closed
  • A single contact person who oversees and coordinates the entire process.
  • Regular meetings on line with client or updated information.
  • A system of efficient work
  • Work surveyor
  • Civil inssurance
  • The release of stress

The certainty that we know how to help you to translate your ideas and needs in the project.


  • The production process uses informatic tools and regular communication to keep the client informed at all times and to help expedite the development of the project.

  • It runs with absolute transparency between those involved in the process.

  • Submit regular on line customer information on the dates agreed.

  • We work in i-cloud and the client can easily access and view the status of the project images, maps or videos.

  • Automatic SMS or email updates of compliance with agreed terms, or other areas.

Call us. The architect will attend, which will give you more information about our services and how we can help. Tel 34-93 452 4229